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22 March 2015 Update

It’s been a whirlwind week of travel with the Olsons.  On Monday everyone, except Melissa, traveled to the town of Villars-sur-Ollons to ski in the Alps.  Melissa was a little nervous about her skill level, so decided to go to work instead.  She guessed correctly, the slopes had no skill level signs and were the steepest and hardest to ski of my life.  It was still fun, and the views were amazing, it was just very challenging.   My parents and Mike quit after lunch, and Kevin had a bad crash when he found some bare ground on a trail.

On Tuesday our residence permits finally arrived!


We didn’t have time to celebrate though because we had a busy day of sight seeing planned in Luzern, Switzerland.  Luzern has mountain views, a lake, a river, old medieval buildings, and German speakers.  It’s what my parents think of when they think of a Swiss city.  We had a nice time walking around and had a traditional Swiss dinner of  fondue and  rösti at a traditional looking Swiss restaurant.

Wednesday our big group miraculously all got ready and out the door by 7:45 AM in time to catch the train to Paris.  In Paris my Mom had booked  two apartments in the same building, for three nights.  We stayed right in the center of the city on Île Saint-Louis and tried to visit all the main sights.

We did so much this week, and took so many pictures I feel like I have to break the days up and give them each their own post to get it all down.  I hope to have it all done soon because we have another busy week welcoming our second guest, Melissa’s cousin Kirsten this next week.


5 thoughts on “22 March 2015 Update”

  1. Enjoyed the pictures you posted. Looks like the slopes drew a little blood when your brother took a tumble. Hope he recovered well. Picture #7 is so beautiful! Like a postcard! In the very background looks like a castle on a hill. When you have time – where was that taken? Of course, the architecture over there is so much older than here – I could look all day at the ornate designs. Where was #10 taken? and is there a story to the ghoulish figures and humans? #17 looks like a “capitol” building you’d find here. I see people are much more laid back – sitting on the steps and just hanging out. I think you caught some public display of affection with the couple sitting on the steps on the left of the photo. Just my general observations. Thank you again, for sharing!! And congrats on getting residence in Switzerland!

    1. Picture #7 was taken in Luzern, Switzerland- in the German speaking part of the country. Pictures 8-11 are all taken in Luzern.

      Picture #10 was taken inside of a covered bridge that crosses the river in Luzern. Throughout the bridge, there are similar paintings. It is called the Spreuer bridge and the collection of paintings are labeled ‘Dance of Death,’ designed by chief painter Kaspar Meglinger. There is another covered bridge over the same river in Luzern that has paintings from Swiss history. Unfortunately, none of the descriptions underneath them are in English.

      Picture #17 is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Paris, France. It was completed in 1914 and sits on top of the highest point in the city. The basilica has had uninterrupted, perpetual Eucharistic adoration since 1885 (since before construction was completed). A consecrated host can be seen inside of a monstrance above the altar in the basilica.

      1. Thanks for the thorough reply Kevin! Kevin felt well enough to keep skiing the rest of day after his fall. Happy Birthday Lia!

  2. Ha! I posted and observed it is past midnight over there – on the time stamp. It is my birthday in Switzerland!! YAY!!

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