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Note From Melissa/Festival Lausanne Lumieres

Thursday, December 11th marks one full week of work, which has gone well! …Unfortunately, I haven’t been paid and I have no idea when this will happen. Apparently few banks will accept US citizens and our application is pending. Never in my life did I think “The US government needs to make it easier for its citizens to stash away money in a Swiss bank account,” but here I am, make it easier please!

The holiday season in Lausanne is breathtaking. Imagine modern light displays strung up around centuries old, french style buildings with snow capped mountains as the backdrop. Every night through our windows we hear carolers, or accordions, or a brass band performing holiday music in the middle of our narrow, pedestrian only street. Sometimes I think I’m living in a French cliche…. This year marks the 3rd annual Festival Lausanne Lumieres, which includes light installations scattered about the city. Enjoy a few of the pictures we took this week on an evening walk.

2 thoughts on “Note From Melissa/Festival Lausanne Lumieres”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Love reading the blog….am so excited for you and do understand the challenges you face, but once you learn the ropes, it’ll become normal. CAn’t wait to come over and get a private tour by the fun unemployed/employed hubby of yours. Would love to meet you in Prague or some other place so give me a little notice and I’ll see if I can buzz on over. Luv you.

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