Christmas Market Tour – Day 2 Nuremberg

On Sunday December 4th our Christmas market tour took us to Nuremberg, Germany.  This walled city in northern Bavaria is home to one of the most visited and most famous Christmas market’s in the world.  It’s interesting to note that both Munich and Nuremberg call their Christmas markets “Christkindlesmarkt“, meaning “Christ child market”, instead of … Continue reading Christmas Market Tour – Day 2 Nuremberg


After one busy day of sightseeing in Brussels we felt like we had seen it all.  So on Sunday we decided to head out to see new sights in the nearby city of Bruges, Belgium.  Located in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, called Flanders, Bruges reached it peak on the world stage in the … Continue reading Bruges


Over the third weekend of September our busy month continued with a trip to Brussels, Belgium.  The reason for our trip was to visit our friend Britt Sieber, who was an exchange student with Melissa’s aunt in high school, and currently has a short internship with the European Union.  In addition to hanging out with … Continue reading Brussels