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Last Saturday we visited a town made famous by Deep Purple, Montreux, Switzerland (just listen to the first few lines of Smoke on the Water).  Montreux is located on the eastern edge of Lake Geneva, and is about a half hour train ride from Lausanne.  It is much closer to the alps than Lausanne, with some spectacular views of the lake and mountains from a very long lakeside boardwalk.

When we came into town we walked right from the station toward the Lake, and into a Christmas market.  The Christmas market extended along the lake side boardwalk for maybe a quarter mile. It was a bit surreal to see palm trees in the middle of a Christmas market while catching glimpses of snow capped mountains in the distance.  They sold all kinds of knick-knacks and holiday treats.

Walking out of the market we were greeted by a statue of Freddie Mercury looking out over the lake mid concert pose.  Mr. Mercury used to have a home and recording studio in Montreux and it was here they recorded Queen’s last record.

The board walk extends for at least a few miles.  We walked along it maybe a mile.  We saw the famous Chateu Chillon, walked past the casino, (Melissa didn’t let me go in), and took many pictures.

On our way back Melissa bought some Christmas tree ornaments, and we tried raclette (hot, gooey cheese over small potatoes) and some fresh chocolate and strawberry crepes before boarding the train back home.

6 thoughts on “Montreux”

  1. I recognized Lake Geneva the moment I saw your pictures! What a beautiful place to live. I visited the area back in 1986 when I was an international exchange student. When are you going to put that brilliant physics mind to work over there?

    1. Yes it’s much different than Minnesota. I never knew you were an exchange student, what country were you in? We forgot to visit CERN when we went to Geneva, so hopefully in the next month or so we will go there and I can see if they’re hiring.

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